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Who is Tim Staermose, the Global Value Hunter?
I’m a full-time investor and investment writer.  I grew up all over the world, in Tanzania, Denmark, Egypt, Singapore and Australia – where I completed my higher education.  I have an unorthodox background.  And it shapes my approach to investing and life.

My readers appreciate this, and often comment that I bring them a valuable alternative perspective they can’t get anywhere else. Read more…

@RonShamgar If you assume all the sheeple will unquestioningly line up for the magic jab... Which medical evidence says is totally unnecessary. We're on a scary path.

One word, "No."
Horooo Qantas. See ya later. Never again. https://t.co/MANJEy1F3h

@XLFstocks @LT3000Lyall "Forced" is the key word in your reply. All because of artificial constructs. That's my point.

@SGM63 No doubt about that. Key is finding the way that works for YOU. That's what I always tell people.

Makes one wonder where the "fake news" emanates from... Tanzania, EU react to fake news https://t.co/l9U2AMZkcs via @TheCitizenTZ
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