African Lions Fund one step closer to fruition

Thank you for your expression of interest in the African Lions Fund. I can report that I have drafted a 20-page information memorandum.
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The most effective world leader you’ve never heard of, and how we can “partner” with him, investing in Africa

Rarely does any so-called “world leader” impress me. Some of them probably mean well in that superior, “I know better than you do what’s good for you” kind of way.
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Why, more and more, I’m “Investing for Keeps”

They say having children profoundly changes you. It certainly does. Last week my oldest daughter turned five. Ten days prior, her younger sister turned one.
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What if you could make a 10.8% indicated yield in US Dollars from African real estate? Would you be interested?

The foundation of many personal and dynastic fortunes around the world, especially in densely populated Asian cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong, has been real estate.
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The folly of cheap money, and a modern day Angkor Wat

Recently I came across an old piece I wrote, about four years ago, which today seems more apt than ever. It’s about the long-term consequences of near-zero interest rates,
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Here is a podcast episode where I had a wide ranging conversation with my old pal Tim Price and Paul Rodriguez. The discussion sets out some of my thoughts on investing in Africa, among other things. Happy listening!

"The secret to happiness is having something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.” -- Rita Mae Brown
Good rules to live by.  Grateful to have all three.

This is me in Dar es Salaam, in front of Ocean Road Hospital (today a Cancer hospital) where I was born.

Who is Tim Staermose, the Global Value Hunter?

I’m a full-time investor and investment writer.  I grew up all over the world, in Tanzania, Denmark, Egypt, Singapore and Australia – where I completed my higher education.  I have an unorthodox background.  And it shapes my approach to investing and life.

My readers appreciate this, and often comment that I bring them a valuable alternative perspective they can’t get anywhere else. Read more…

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