The Covid Curtain has descended on the world; which side are you on?

My mother lives in a small coastal town in Australia. Ordinarily she’d come and visit her granddaughters in Bali...
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With no Covid-19 lock down and gold exports surging, Tanzania will be among world’s fastest growing economies in 2020

Greetings from Tanzania! I finally made it to Dar es Salaam, after a 22-hour journey...
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Stunning earnings results from leading blue chip companies in the “Singapore of Africa,” despite Covid-19

Bordering Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda is a small land-locked country in the Great Lakes Region of East Africa.
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Looks like Greta Thunberg had a summer internship at Dow Jones this year convincing them to boot Exxon out

I’ve written before about “the sheer absurdity index funds.” The lunacy continues. News emerged this week ...
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Coronavirus shut-downs have brought forward my plans to move to Africa. How’s the pandemic affecting you?

Who would have thought a tiny microbe, invisible to the naked eye could wreak such havoc, and destroy so much… lives snuffed out,
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"The secret to happiness is having something to do, someone to love,
and something to look forward to.” --Rita Mae Brown
Good rules to live by.  Grateful to have all three.

Who is Tim Staermose, the Global Value Hunter?

This is me in Dar es Salaam, in front of Ocean Road Hospital (today a Cancer hospital) where I was born.

I’m a full-time investor and investment writer.  I grew up all over the world, in Tanzania, Denmark, Egypt, Singapore and Australia – where I completed my higher education.  I have an unorthodox background.  And it shapes my approach to investing and life.

My readers appreciate this, and often comment that I bring them a valuable alternative perspective they can’t get anywhere else. Read more…

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