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PROCESS is more important than outcome.
If you follow the correct process, the right outcome—
while not guaranteed — becomes the most likely.

How the simple act of reading the paper over my morning coffee should make me nearly 7 times my money on one stock

Since I moved to Tanzania in 2020, I’ve come to realize my simple morning routine – dropping my daughter at school before 7am, picking up the newspapers, walking back to one of my favourite cafes and perusing each of them cover to cover – puts me a step ahead of my competitors. They are based many thousands of miles away in different time-zones, and don’t have boots on the ground.

Often, I’m even ahead of the local brokers here in figuring out what the important news of the day is. This can be very lucrative…

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Who is Tim Staermose, the Global Value Hunter?
I’m a full-time investor and investment writer.  I grew up all over the world, in Tanzania, Denmark, Egypt, Singapore and Australia – where I completed my higher education.  I have an unorthodox background.  And it shapes my approach to investing and life.

My readers appreciate this, and often comment that I bring them a valuable alternative perspective they can’t get anywhere else. Read more…
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