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Uluwatu Cliff, Bali
Who is Tim Staermose, the Global Value Hunter?
I’m a full-time investor and investment writer.  I grew up all over the world, in Tanzania, Denmark, Egypt, Singapore and Australia – where I completed my higher education.  I have an unorthodox background.  And it shapes my approach to investing and life.

My readers appreciate this, and often comment that I bring them a valuable alternative perspective they can’t get anywhere else. Read more…

I'm headed on safari for few days with my family to celebrate my birthday. I always love seeing Twiga Cement's outlets and distributors everywhere around the country. The beauty of being an investor is they are all working for me while I take a holiday. 😎 The benefit of stocks https://t.co/27DhLoefD2 globalvaluehunt photo

@MajulePatricia Thanks for your feedback. I agree. My base care is Twiga pays 390 in dividends next year again. And possibly more. So even at 3,900 that's a 10%+ yield from a growing business. Let it compound for five or ten years and it may doubles from there too. It has in the last 5 years

@CapitalValor Thanks. Yes. The folks who can fly private are doing just fine.

@BrianTycangco Sure. There's a price for everything. Some epic declines today. I'm sticking with my "risky" African markets. 🙂 https://t.co/lEWHYjasYU globalvaluehunt photo
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