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Would it surprise you to know I don’t invest to make money?

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I believe the most valuable asset anyone has is time.

We are all born onto this earth with a finite allocation.  Some people squander theirs.  Some people use it wisely.  Most of us fall somewhere between those two extremes on the spectrum.

I have a friend who is so obsessive about time, he breaks his day into six-minute blocks.  And no, he’s not a lawyer.  Though, I note my lawyer charges in six-minute intervals as well.  As I’ve told him numerous times when querying a bill, “If I charged based on the time I spend researching investment ideas, I’d be a decamillionaire by now.” 

The reason I believe most people invest in the financial markets is so they can earn passive income that doesn’t require them to exchange their time for money.  If you have an income from your investments that can support your lifestyle, you are basically free to do whatever you want with your time.

To me, that’s the goal.  I don’t invest to make money.  I invest to attain freedom.

Money in and of itself is not important.  It’s the freedom that having sufficient money can provide that is the key. 

I also invest because I enjoy the process.  There is something extremely satisfying to me about uncovering a hidden investment gem.  Even if I had all the investment income I could possibly want or spend, I’d still invest.   

I’m fortunate, I guess, that something I enjoy spending my time on has the added benefit that, if I do it well, it throws off profits. 

You might enjoy doing other things with your time.  Reading financial filings from all around the world every day is not most people’s idea of fun. 

But, that’s one of the reasons I built this website… so, I can share my ideas, and also help you leverage the time that I spend doing the research. 

The more people that can profit from my research and investment ideas, the better off we all are.  So, feel free to join me on this journey. Sign up to my free newsletter below to get updates.

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